October Newsletter: Perennial Herbs and End-of-Season Care

October Newsletter: Perennial Herbs and End-of-Season Care

This week we’re sharing five ways to enjoy your perennial herbs this fall and winter, plus some reminders on end-of-season care.
Now is the time to prepare for spring! If you want a beautiful and bountiful garden without all the work, book a consultation with Backyard Eats today.

Enjoy Perennial Herbs Year-Round

Growing perennial herbs in your backyard is an easy and rewarding way to enjoy your garden for nine months of the year.

Raised beds or herb spirals are easily placed near your kitchen, providing convenient access to fresh produce while cooking!

Here are five simple yet delicious recipe ideas to use fresh or dried herbs to enhance the flavor of your favorite seasonal dishes.

  1. Use fresh in your favorite dishes
  2. Bake herb-infused bread
  3. Create a multi-purpose salt blend
  4. Prep pesto with a seasonal twist
  5. Enjoy an herbal tea blend

Learn more about our unique garden planning process on our website:

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End of Season Care

Fall is the best time to plant garlic before the ground freezes. We plant garlic and shallots in late fall, followed by our end-of-season care.

Not sure what to do with your garden this season? Our end-of-season care includes:

  • Fall garden clean-up
  • End of season composting

  • Mulching perennials

  • Garlic and shallot planting

  • Garden performance review

Interested in receiving end of season care? Contact us today.

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