Hassle-free garden watering

Is irrigation right for me?

As a custom gardening company, we understand that many people love the idea of having a backyard garden but don’t have the time or desire to devote hours to watering it themselves.

If you can relate to these statements, drip irrigation is right for you!

  • I don’t have time to water myself
  • I don’t know how much to water
  • My garden is so far
  • My whole garden dies when I’m on vacation
  • My plants aren’t growing or thriving
  • I want more time to enjoy my garden without the work

What is drip irrigation?

Drip irrigation is a great solution for anyone who wants a healthy garden without the hassle. Drip irrigation delivers a slow, steady supply of water directly to the roots of plants.

Irrigation is especially important in raised bed gardens, which dry out faster than in-ground gardens. It takes a lot more water to properly soak a garden than most people think.

Drip irrigation is the most time, resource, and cost-efficient way to water your garden.

If you want to spend more time enjoying your edible oasis and less time working, ask us about our watering installation services today!

Benefits of drip Irrigation

How Our Process Works

Our drip irrigation systems are as easy to use as an alarm clock! You can rest assured that your garden is receiving the care it needs.


During your site assessment, we will take into account the size of the bed, the type of plants you are growing, and the amount of sun exposure on your property. Based on this information, we will determine the best irrigation system for your needs.


We will attach an irrigation line to your outdoor hose spigot, then run a main line to your garden. An automatic timer will water your garden for a set amount of time, at the same time every day for best results. We can adjust the timer as needed throughout the season.


Lastly, we will test your irrigation system to make sure that it is working properly. Once everything is up and running, you can sit back and relax knowing that your raised bed garden is being properly watered.