Soil blend for raised beds

healthy garden Soil made easy

Are you tired of pests and disease wreaking havoc on your precious crops? Or trying to pull weeds out of rock-hard soil?

Poor soil can ruin any home gardening experience. Clay soil, poorly drained soil, and contaminated soil can all cause problems that can’t be fixed by above-ground plant care.

Luckily, soil care doesn’t have to be complicated. We recommend pre-season and end-of-season care twice a year for optimal garden success. 

We offer a 100% custom blend of natural ingredients from sustainable and abundant sources. Whether you’re looking to amend your old soil or start your new garden off right, we have the best organic solutions for you!

our organic growing medium

At Backyard Eats, we fill our raised garden beds with a 100% custom blend of organic compost, coconut coir and dry amendments to help your annual or perennial plants thrive! This mixture is made from natural resources, and is backed by seven years of experimentation and refinement.  

Features of our growing medium include: 

  • Nutrients that will help your plants grow big and healthy
  • An abundance of beneficial microbial and fungal life
  • Proper drainage so your plants don’t get waterlogged
  • Balanced pH level to prevent nutrient deficiency

Annual plants in particular love the consistency of this blend for their tender roots. Proper raised bed soil will also makes watering more efficient and forgiving by retaining some water, while allowing excess water to drain.  

Negative effects of poor soil include:

  • Persistent fungal disease
  • High pest populations
  • Stunted plant growth or lifespan
  • No plant yield (edible harvest)
  • Mealy flavor (e.g. tomatoes)
  • Safety concerns

we can help correct soil problems


For existing gardens we will assess your garden, its’ past performance (i.e. produce yield, plant health) and its maintenance history. This helps us determine the need for soil amendment or soil replacement. For new gardens, we use our 100% custom raised bed blend. 


All organic gardens require regular amendment with organic matter for optimal drainage, nutrition, and soil life. We use a combination of compost and growing medium to improve and maintain existing gardens.  For “dead” soil, a combination of dry and wet amendments may be used to replace essential nutrients.


Sometimes due to poor performance history and the likelihood of disease, a full soil replacement may be necessary. We can provide an estimate for getting a clean start, in order to deliver on our promise of a successful homegrown food journey without the hassle.