Edible Landscaping FAQs

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What is your service area?

For custom installations, we’ll drive about an hour to an hour-and-a-half from our home in Flourtown, PA. If you book a consultation, and you’re further than an hour away, we’ll give you a call to ask a few questions first, and refund your money if it’s not a good fit.
For ongoing full-service maintenance, we’ll serve clients within 30-45 minutes of Flourtown, PA. Outside of 30 minutes, we’ll charge a modest trip fee. We can still plant your garden even if you don’t want weekly maintenance!

What plant varieties do you offer?

We provide our clients with a curated list of varieties to choose from in the spring. We offer over 100 varieties of the most in-demand, prolific, and tasty crops, as well as perennial vegetables and some less-known varieties that are super fun, surprising, and delicious. Our clients make their selections using an online form that gives a description and picture of each option, and are always invited to change their selections throughout the season based on their evolving preferences.

How much does a new 4'x8' raised garden bed cost, for example?

It’s hard to say exactly, given the array of options and site conditions that impact the cost. Our Garden Designer will be able to provide a list of pricing estimates up-front in order to guide the design process to suit your budget. After designing your budget-compatible dream garden, they will be able to give you an exact cost.
We offer unlimited re-designs to fit the garden to your goals. If we’re not the right fit for you, we get it! We’re confident we will have provided plenty of information and guidance to help you get your garden started off on the right foot – even if it’s not with us!

Are you insured?

We carry general liability insurance with Erie Insurance, in the amounts of $1M per occurrence and $2M in aggregate, in addition to our worker’s compensation and vehicle insurance.

Who builds the gardens?

We never use contractors to build our gardens. Our Team is made up of full-time employees dedicated to doing their best work. For their hard work and adherence to our core values, they are rewarded with competitive pay, paid holidays, vacation accrual, and performance-based bonuses at every level.