Raised bed garden experts

Why Build A Raised Bed Garden?

For ideal success with annual vegetable production, we want to control any variables we can. With that in mind, we typically employ raised beds in our designs.

Raised beds provide many agricultural benefits: such as creating a controlled environment with optimal growing conditions for maximum yield. However, they also provide many personal benefits. Raised beds’ clean lines and ergonomic height make mowing and maintenance a breeze – and their layout can be completely customized to your landscape.

At Backyard Eats, we do more than place a pre-built box into your yard: our custom gardens are designed and hand-built to fit your unique space in terms of size and shape.

Our Raised Garden Beds

We provide all the materials and instructions you need to create a beautiful and functional raised bed garden. We won’t design or build a garden that will fail to accomplish your goals.


All of our raised beds are handmade and installed board-by- board to be level in your landscape. Prioritize what’s important to you: Maximize growing space, maximize your budget, or grow a prize tomato!


Our lumber is treated with a non-toxic wood stabilizer for UV and moisture protection, so you can enjoy your garden for years to come! Our beds are joined with aluminum corners for longevity and aesthetics.


Our team leader will invite you to an initial walkthrough to confirm project details prior to beginning work. Our garden installation process is well-documented to assure conformity with our standards.


  • Minimize weed growth with above-ground beds
  • Avoid soil contaminants with custom soil blend
  • Support plant health with soil nutrients and drainage
  • Less back strain from bending or kneeling
  • Neat aesthetic with panel fence and metal hardware
  • Custom layouts to maximize growing space
  • Easily customizable with additions like fencing and pathways

the best Raised Bed Additions

Growing food at home doesn’t have to be confusing, time-consuming, or frustrating. Here are six raised bed garden additions we recommend for an easy and rewarding experience:

How Our Process Works


Begin building your dream edible garden by booking an appointment for a 60-minute initial consultation with our expert garden designer. You can share your vision and discuss garden format options.


After your initial consultation, we’ll present a detailed design proposal for your new garden along with a planting plan. Any installation or renovation job booked through Backyard Eats is credited with the consultation fee.


After your design proposal is approved, our team will build your dream garden board-by-board into your landscape. We can even walk you through creating a custom planting plan so you can get the most out of your new raised beds.