Trellises for raised beds

trellises: a great garden addition

Does having a cluttered, overgrown garden stress you out? Do you want to maximize your garden’s growing potential without spending more time maintaining it?

Install a trellis to grow a bounty regardless of the space you have! Vertical growing space is a hallmark of a Backyard Eats garden for a good reason.

By training plants to grow upwards on structures instead of along the ground, your plants will struggle less with pests and disease. It will also make branches easier to reach – so you can experience the magic of picking a clean, ripe tomato right from the vine.

Say goodbye to a stressful, ugly garden. Choose trellises for an easy garden solution and abundant homegrown produce!

about our Trellises

Our trellises are hand-built from cedar in the garden, and incorporated into the metal corners of the raised bed.  We also offer metal manufactured trellises in many styles from our supplier, such as arbors, pergolas, obelisks, and dramatic moon gates. 

Trellises provide many benefits for raised beds, such as supporting climbing plants and preventing them from sprawling over your entire garden. They also provide shade and wind protection for delicate plants and can be used to create a decorative privacy screen. Raising plants off the ground also increases air circulation around your plants, improving their health and yield.

How Our Process Works

Schedule a Consultation

During this consultation, our team will take measurements of the area where you would like the trellis installed, and discuss your specific needs and goals for the project.

Get an Estimate

After sending you an estimate for the project’s cost, we will schedule a time for our team to come and install the trellis.

Enjoy Your New Trellis

Whether you are using it to support climbing plants or create an outdoor living space, we are sure you will be happy with the results.