Plant, Plan, and Tend

An article in the April 16 edition of the Bucks County Magazine reads: Experienced gardeners have long known the joy and benefits that come from harvesting their own produce but that takes research and experimentation…Enter Backyard Eats. They’re in the business of eliminating all the guesswork and physical demands that come with managing a healthy, high-yield garden.”

The “farm-to-table” movement is all about swiftly bringing fresh produce from local farms to your table, enhancing both taste and health. At Backyard Eats, led by Mike Bennett, their aim is to make gardening easy for everyone. Founded by Chris Mattingly, who transitioned from designing landfills to cultivating gardens, they’re dedicated to making homegrown food accessible.

Beyond garden design, Backyard Eats serves as an educational hub, teaching sustainable gardening practices. They customize gardens to fit your preferences and seamlessly blend into your landscape.

On the importance of homegrown food in modern life, author Chrysa Smith observes:

“Personal health and a connection to clean food is not just important for an individual or family, but the community and community health—and it all starts with a seed.”

Moreover, Backyard Eats is involved in community projects, setting up gardens in neighborhoods and schools to teach kids about food production. The Ambler Community Garden, led by Backyard Eats, is a collaborative endeavor supported by a county grant. Spanning 40 x 60 feet in Knights Park, it serves as an educational resource and fresh produce source. Through volunteer efforts and Backyard Eats’ guidance, surplus harvests are donated.

Through these efforts, Backyard Eats is not only growing gardens but also cultivating a deeper understanding of food production and its impact on our lives.

You can read the full text of the original article in Bucks County magazine here.

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