Planting the Seeds of Garden Magic: Backyard Eats in The Spot Magazine

An article in the local Philadelphia publication The Spot Magazine reads: Some of my favorite childhood memories are from holiday visits to [my Uncle Gino]…I’ve tried to replicate that garden magic myself, but let’s just say things didn’t work out as planned…I could almost see the veggies growing in my mind, but they hardly ever did in real life. That’s why I got so excited when I stumbled upon Backyard Eats.”

In The Spot Magazine, local guide Toni Padula shares the heartwarming story of Backyard Eats, a gardening venture born from cherished childhood memories and a desire to make a positive impact. Toni’s own balcony gardening struggles led her to discover Backyard Eats—a practical solution for urbanites yearning to cultivate their own fresh produce.

Meet Chris Mattingly, the brains behind Backyard Eats. From his journey as a laid-off engineer to the founder of a flourishing gardening business, Chris’s story is one of resilience and passion. Inspired by his experiences, including volunteer work abroad, Chris embarked on a mission to bring the joy of homegrown food to communities.

The roots of Backyard Eats lie in a simple moment of joy in Chris’s garden, where tasting fresh berries sparked an idea. This led to the birth of Backyard Eats, with a mission to empower individuals to grow their own food and experience the magic of gardening firsthand.

Backyard Eats founder Chris Mattingly

Chris’ home garden in Chestnut Hill sparked the concept behind Backyard Eats

“Chris then told me about this one morning he spent in his tiny Chestnut Hill front-yard garden…It was that moment of simple pleasure in his garden that led to his light bulb idea: if he loved this so much, why not help others feel the same?”

Today, Backyard Eats remains committed to its founding principles, offering a range of services to support gardeners of all levels. From initial consultation to ongoing maintenance, Chris and his team provide personalized guidance to help clients turn their gardening dreams into reality.

Nestled in Flourtown, PA, Backyard Eats serves as a source of inspiration for garden enthusiasts seeking to reconnect with nature and nourish their bodies and souls. Through its dedication to sharing the magic of homegrown food, Backyard Eats continues to empower individuals to cultivate a deeper appreciation for the food they eat and the natural world around them.

As Toni writes, “Chris likes to say it’s about ‘sharing the magic’—and it really feels like that.”

You can read the full text of the original article in The Spot Magazine here.

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