Full-Service Gardening: Fall Planting, Keyhole Gardens, and More

Full-Service Gardening: Fall Planting, Keyhole Gardens, and More

After 7 years and 500+ garden designs, Backyard Eats’ methods and materials are tried and true. We have the knowledge and services to guide you through every stage of your garden, from:
Keep reading for garden design and recipe inspiration, and a note on our updated blog!

Keyhole Gardens

Each Backyard Eats garden is unique, but we often recommend “keyhole gardens” for their superior practicality and visual appeal:

Plant Perennials Today

Who doesn’t love fresh fruit in the summer? You can grow fruit or berries at home for a delicious harvest year after year! Now is a great time to plant perennial crops like raspberries or blackberries.

Our expert garden designers can also recommend unique options like serviceberries, and the best way to install perennials in your landscape like:

You’ll thank yourself next summer for planting perennials now. Contact us today to discuss edible perennials for your landscape!

Garden All Fall Long!

Gardening season doesn’t have to end in August! Our trained maintenance team can install a fall garden that maximizes your garden’s harvest.
Our summer garden clean-up services make starting a fall garden easy. This seasonal care includes:
  • Removal of weeds and dead plants
  • Garlic and shallot bulb planting
  • Soil amendment with organic compost
We can plant many popular cool-weather crops at the end of August, like:
  • Baby greens and head lettuce
  • Beans and peas
  • Root crops (ex. carrots, radishes)
  • Herbs (ex. cilantro, dill)
  • Garlic
Fall planting begins August 14. Contact us today to plan your fall garden!

Preserve Your Backyard Harvest

In case you missed it: Backyard Eats partnered with Mordechai Schram, owner of hamutzim, to bring you a delicious lacto-fermentation recipe.
Lacto-fermentation is a centuries-old preservation method that converts natural bacteria into lactic acid, and slowly ferments food over time. Examples of lacto-fermented vegetables include pickles, sauerkraut, and kimchi.
Try Mordechai’s lacto-fermentation recipe at home for delicious pickles straight from the garden! Whether you have carrots, radishes, turnips, or cucumbers in season, this recipe is sure to be rewarding.
Did you know? Hamutzim is the Hebrew word for pickles!

Intro to Rain Gardens

Did you know? Rain gardens collect water runoff from hard surfaces like roofs and driveways.

Rain gardens contain deep-rooted perennials planted in rings that serve unique purposes like slowing rainfall and holding onto soil. Here are some more benefits of rain gardens:

  • Reduce water usage
  • Reduce flooding
  • Beautify your landscape
  • Filter out water pollutants
  • Replenish groundwater supply
  • Create a wildlife habitat

Do you want to help conserve water in your landscape with a perennial garden? Contact us to learn more.

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