We are edible landscaping experts

We design, install, and maintain beautiful and productive raised bed gardens, fruit trees, and berries.


  1. In-Person Consultation 📋

Tell us about your goals & dreams for growing food in Wayne and we will make it work in your space.

2. Design & Build 🛠

Collaborate with us to finalize and integrate your dream garden into your Wayne home, community, or organization.

3. Learn & Grow 🌿

Develop the best green thumb in Wayne with planning, planting, coaching & maintenance services.

Expert Garden Site Evaluation

The first step in our process is an initial site consultation.

We evaluate the potential of any proposed garden site using four objective and essential factors: sunlight, soil, aesthetics, and convenience.

Here are some benefits of our garden planning process:

😁 Confidence in your garden’s success

🚫 Avoid wasting time and money 

☀️ Objective sun exposure rating

📈 Objective site selection health score

Backyard Eats gives you the tools you need to choose the right location for your food garden project.  Book a consultation now to get started!

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Our Edible Landscaping Blogs
Plant, Plan, and Tend

Plant, Plan, and Tend

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Planning Your Raised Bed Garden (Part 1: Location)

Planning Your Raised Bed Garden (Part 1: Location)

Crafting your dream garden starts with choosing the perfect location. The right location can make all the difference in achieving an abundant harvest and delightful gardening experience. Let's explore five essential factors to consider when finding the ideal spot for...

Set the Stage for Succession: Vegetable Garden Planning

Set the Stage for Succession: Vegetable Garden Planning

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