Cut Flowers

Get The Most Out of Your Cut Flowers from Backyard Eats

Cut flowers come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, and can be annuals, perennials, or biennials. They are a popular choice for home decoration, as well as for weddings, parties, and other special events. With proper care, cut flowers can last for several days or even weeks, bringing beauty and fragrance to any space.

Harvesting Cut Flowers

When It’s Ready
  • When they look like flowers! Don’t wait too long after they open.
How To
  • Use sharp scissors to cut the stem, leaving enough room to arrange

  • For best results, cut when flowers are cool and hydrated (morning or evening)

  • Place cut flowers immediately in a clean container with water in the bottom to maintain freshness

Varieties of Cut Flowers

Beneficial Insect Attractant Mix | Cosmos ‘Seashell Mix’ | Dahlia Giant Hybrid Mix | Dwarf Sunflower | Gomphrena ‘Audray White’ | Marigold ‘French Mix’ | Snapdragon | Strawflower ‘Apricot/Peach Mix’ | Zinnia ‘Magellan Series Mix’

Want To Learn More?

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