Preserve the Magic of Your Perennial Herb Garden At Home

Do you want to get the most value out of your homegrown perennial herbs? Dry them at home to enjoy maximum flavor all year long!

This method of hang-drying herbs works best for woody perennials like:

  • lavender
  • oregano
  • rosemary
  • thyme
  • sage

First, trim stems from the main plant. Tie 3-5 stems together into a bundle, then hang them to dry in a cool and dark place for 2-3 weeks. 

Once the herbs are dry and brittle, you can store them long-term and use them to add some homegrown magic to your favorite recipes!

To preserve annual herbs with a higher moisture content like cilantro or basil, try this tutorial on How to Freeze Cilantro from our Recipe Index.

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