Planning Your Organic Garden 101

Growing your food has many benefits, including helping you establish a more organic space in your yard and allowing you to eat nutritious, healthy foods.

Don’t think that you can plant seeds in your soil and then do nothing but wait for them to mature if you want a successful fruit and vegetable garden.

To create a healthy garden yielding vegetables, you must have a plan and follow some essential steps. Keep reading!

Steps To Start Growing Your Organic Garden

1. Decide On The Physical Arrangement Of Your Garden

Some factors you’ll need to consider are the following:

  • The amount of space you have available
  • The types of vegetables or fruits you want to grow
  • The climate in your area
  • If you wish to grow your plants in raised beds, containers, or directly in the ground

Once you’ve considered all these factors, you can start planning where each plant will go.

2. Make A Planting Schedule

To ensure that your plants get the care they need, you’ll need to make a planting schedule. This schedule should include the following:

  1. When to plant each type of seed
  2. When to thin out or transplant seedlings
  3. The way to fertilize your plants
  4. The time of day to water your plants
  5. The season to harvest your vegetables

By following a schedule, you can ensure that your plants are getting the attention they need to flourish.

3. Prepare Your Soil

Healthy soil is essential for growing vigorous, healthy plants. You’ll need to ensure that your soil is rich in nutrients and free of harmful chemicals or substances.

The best way to achieve this is to have your soil tested by a local agricultural extension office. They will be able to tell you what amendments, such as compost or manure, you need to add to your soil to make it ideal for growing vegetables.

4. Begin With Quality Seeds

You need to plant high-quality seeds if you want your plants to be healthy and provide plenty of delicious food.

The seeds you plant should follow the United States Department of Agriculture organic standards; the plants you buy should be grown using sustainable methods. 

To get the best seeds for your garden, buy from a reputable source, such as a local business with a good reputation.

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