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This Week in Your Garden

Spring Harvest

As we head into summer, quick spring plants will start to bolt and go to seed in the summer heat. Signs of plants bolting include flowering, and sending stalks upwards instead of continuing normal plant growth.

Now is the time to harvest quick spring crops like radishes and baby greens! To learn when everything in your garden is ready to harvest, don’t forget to scan the QR code plant labels to access our Harvest Toolkit.

Plant Supports

As summer approaches, install plant supports to ensure a bountiful harvest. Metal tomato cages provide sturdy support for your tomatoes, helping them grow upward and saving ground space.

Vertical growth improves air circulation, reducing disease and pest risks. Trellises also make harvesting easier by keeping produce off the ground, preventing rot and damage. With proper support, your garden will be more productive and visually appealing, leading to an abundant and delicious summer yield.

Shallot Scapes

In mid-May, you might see your shallots start to send up “scapes,” or flowers. These scapes will look like green buds on long, tube-like stalks. Garlic will undergo a similar process in late June/early July.

For an optimal harvest, you don’t want shallots to redirect their energy from the bulbs into flowering. So, go ahead and trim the scapes at the base to harvest bigger and more flavorful shallots in late summer. The scapes are edible, have a mild shallot flavor, and can be used to add depth to dishes like pesto!

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Harvest Toolkit

With our Harvest Toolkit Directory, you learn when and how to harvest, store, and cook your backyard harvest. Simply scan a QR code plant label in your garden, or click the link below to view the full Harvest Toolkit directory:

Seasonal Recipe Inspiration

Do you have a favorite recipe that you love to make with your backyard garden harvest?

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